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Alice's Books

2012 book:
Finding Our Way Forward, New Perspectives on Our Evolving Human Potential

2008 book by Alice Gardner: Life Beyond Belief, Everyday Living as Spiritual Practice

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Alice's Books

2012 book:
Finding Our Way Forward, New Perspectives on Our Evolving Human Potential

2008 book by Alice Gardner: Life Beyond Belief, Everyday Living as Spiritual Practice

Awake Publishing Home


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Life Beyond Belief, Everyday Living as Spiritual PracticeIn our diverse spiritual traditions, phenomena such as spiritual awakening have long been the domain of spiritual teachers and adepts who have lived lives apart from our everyday world, in monastic or otherwise isolated settings.

Today, however, many people are finding that spiritual awakening is not so far away, not lifetimes in the future, but here, right in the middle of our modern lives. Right in the middle of our complex family dramas and our seemingly intractible world issues like climate change, poverty, violence and so on. All of these things are the backdrop giving us collective motivation to move forward into a new maturity for humankind which could provide future generations with a world we would be proud to have them inherit.

This site began back in early 2003 as a simple expression of something that the author sees as a possibility for all people; the possibility of awakening out of lives of limitation and suffering into lives which are freely, intimately, and joyously at-one with all that is.

Spiritual awakening is seen not as a far-away dream to be reached at some future time, but as a different way of perceiving what is here now. A way where one looks to, and eventually lives from the core of who we truly are, rather than living out of a false identity built of ideas and concepts about oneself and one's world.

Whatever your religion or spiritual path, whatever your level of development, whatever your gifts or shortcomings, whoever you think you are or are not, these very circumstances that life consists of, are the way for you. Your way to spiritual awakening.

The author of this site, Alice Gardner, is making no claims to any special state or stage or perspective. What is contained here is a simple expression of how things are seen to be, by this individual, and no claims of correctness or realization can be made based on that. There is a simple intention here though, that what flows onto these pages may be helpful to others who open themselves to the possibility of our awakening in the midst of life. It is the kind of helpfulness where a fifth grader might help a fourth grader with their arithmetic. It is not offered out of a distance apart or beyond where you are, but offered out of a time of having embraced our aloneness and now coming to a place where we welcome companionship as we move through this One life that we all share.

Alice has written two books. In 2008 she wrote Life Beyond Belief, Everyday Living as Spiritual Practice, a very personal account of her experience when coming to the end of a 30+ year spiritual search and finding what she had been looking for and subsequently having to build a new life from scratch. Her second book, Finding Our Way Forward, New Perspectives on Our Evolving Human Potential expands her viewpoint to discuss the world situation and how we may each find our place in this critical juncture for human evolution. Both books also include a lot of poetry, which hopes to give a more intuitive entry point for the ideas and experiences presented in the prose in the books. Some of Alice's poetry is also included in this web site.

The pages that are included in the site are for your enjoyment, and you are welcome to explore them at your leisure. The photography is a hobby Alice enjoys and hopefully the photos can help to bring the teachings of the natural world a little bit into the online format that we work with here. The natural world supports all of our lives in every way, and is a beautiful and marvelous teacher.

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