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What's amazing? Everything!

The most amazing thing is that all the time while we are thinking that we aren't awake, we already are, and we are just confining ourselves from experiencing it through our thoughts about it.

The Most Amazing Thing is how we already have everything that we ever hoped for or wanted, and one day we just realize it! It was THIS all along that we were looking for. All those desires and aversions were just signposts leading us to where we already stood. Right here.

The most amazing thing is if we look deeply into ANYTHING, we can learn everything we ever needed, ever wanted and beyond, just from being fully there, right in it.

The most amazing thing, is that of all the things in our lives that we think are problems, barriers, or are somehow in our way, that it all IS our way. They are THE WAY, for us, for this moment, and as such are exactly perfect, no matter how bad they may appear.

The most amazing thing is how when we stop all of our manipulations, everything still keeps working out just fine!

awake daffodils

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