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Alice's most recent book:

Finding Our Way Forward

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Finding Our Way Forward

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A variety of writings to enjoy:

The Most Amazing Things

Getting oriented: seeing where we are

Identity Switch-a personal and universal story

A New Navigation Method for Life

Inspiration from many voices and traditions

Alice's Poetry

Waking up to Peace

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Materials coming soon for Alice's new 2012 book, Finding Our Way Forward: New Perspectives on Our Evolving Human Potential.

Please help yourself to the materials below for use in writing about Life Beyond Belief, or the greater work that the book is only one part of. If you use articles, please be sure to credit Alice and give links etc.

Audio and Video  

                                    Everyone's Books Gathering

Press Release

Book Cover full (a large pdf file) back and front together.

Book Cover Front Only (full size)

Author Biographical Information

Early Endorsements & Reviews

Book Promo Sheet (a large 1.2 MB pdf file)

Book Signing Schedule/Locations

Author Photograph, full size

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Excerpts from Life Beyond Belief

Articles for free use online and in any media. We only ask that you use the box about the book/author/websites you see at the bottom or give the same information in your own words.

Video: videotaping by Richard Miller. See "Never Not Here" on video.google.com for the full collection.

Audio of talks and interviews


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